iCODING develops and provides semiconductor based solutions to increase the performance of broadband communication applications through the use of turbo codes.  
  Why iCODING turbo codes?  
  Unique high speed architectures make our Quasi-Error-Free (QEF) turbo codes ideal for broadband applications.  
  Increased Throughput and Range  
  High speed turbo codes for use in broadband communication applications from wireless to fixed wire line such as:  
  • direct broadcast tv service (dbs)
  • cable modems
  • digital subscriber line (dsl) modems
  • two-way broadband internet delivery via satellite link
  • satellite radio
  • wireless telephony
  Flexible Solutions
  iCODING's turbo codes are designed for both ASIC and FPGA applications, making them the ideal solution for both large and small scale projects for the quickly changing broadband communications market.
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